Epistemik Indonesia



Epistemik Indonesia is an institution that operates in the field of developing social and humanities sciences. Our focus is publications, scientific research, data-based skills development and collaboration with various parallel institutions. We strive to carry out dissemination in contemporary scientific concentrations such as: democracy and human rights, politics and government, women and gender, law and public policy, ecological politics, indigenous people’s rights, social movements and civil society, citizenship politics, security politics, economics and public administration as well as sustainable development studies.

The team involved in epistemik indonesia can be seen at the following link…

our mission is to help people without academic backgrounds build and grow their researchs.



Epistemik comes from the word Epistḗmē (Greek) which means scientific knowledge. Meanwhile, the epistemic community is a group of professionals from various scientific disciplines who reproduce scientific knowledge. Epistemic communities play an important role in public policy decisions regarding related issues.

Epistemik Indonesia is a research community that specifically reproduces knowledge in the field of social humanities in Indonesia.

strategic programs

  1. Deepen research through inclusive research programs
  2. Strengthen publications and dissemination of knowledge on related topics
  3. Building networks and collaboration with parallel institutions to create a strong knowledge superstructure
  4. Encourage the formulation of policies that have the principle of justice for all citizens